Money Laundering Reporting Officer


The officer responsible ("MLRO") for ensuring that, when appropriate, the information or other matter leading to knowledge or suspicion, or reasonable grounds for knowledge or suspicion of money laundering is properly disclosed to the relevant authority.

MLRO Requirements

IP-Operators are required to appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (the: “MLRO”). This task is allocated to the Non-Executive Director, who has to be aware of any suspicious activity that might be linked to money laundering or terrorist financing, and if necessary to report it. The MLRO needs to be a Curaçao resident. Although the Non-Executive shall hold the official title as MLRO, the Executive Director shall as non-resident be responsible for preparing Quarterly reports for the MLRO to review and approve. This shall be a combined report in which technical as well as responsible gaming information shall be prepared and subsequently reviewed by MLRO. A standard reporting form is available for download on this website.