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Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") is the leading master license holder of Curaçao. Recognized as international frontrunner in accommodating the international financial world, Curaçao has a long-standing track record of providing the total infrastructure and services necessary to supporting the global eGaming services of the future. CEG is the official trademark of Cyberluck Curaçao N.V. (chamber of commerce registration 72819), holding a Curaçao government issued master license under reference 1668/JAZ.

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Did you know?

Read some interesting facts about the Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") License below.

Did you know that CEG has been in the licensing business for over 25 years?

Did you know that CEG offers the most cost effective license package?

Did you know that CEG offers players a free multi-lingual Alternate Dispute Resolution ("ADR") option?

Did you know that CEG offers Crypto Compliance?

Did you know that CEG, as an option, offers integrated legal support packages?

Did you know that CEG is 100% owned and managed by Curaçao residents?

Did you know that besides Business-to-Consumer ("B2C") licenses, CEG offers Business-to-Business ("B2B") licenses as well?


The independent island state of Curaçao allows for so-called private licensing by a master license holder. Applicants may apply with this master license holder for a so-called sublicense. It allows for a flexible, fast and easy setup. A new license structure can be set up as early as one week after application, providing the operator with a one-size-fits-all sublicense.

Curaçao eGaming, in alliance with CSA, its exclusive merchant, provides eGaming sublicenses to qualified applicants. Curaçao eGaming Curaçao, is one of the oldest and most politically stable providers of regulated eGaming services. We have proudly served some of the most highly regarded eGaming operators and providers of services since 1996.


If you would like to know more, then start the application process without any obligation to continue.


Anti-fraud Solutions

Curaçao eGaming offers various solutions to prevent and detect fraud schemes. As each operator is different, our experts prefer to sit down with the team and come up with tailor-made solutions


Dispute Resolution

Su Tzu said in hisThe Art of War: "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.


Prevent irrevocable differences by acting transparent and efficient. Curaçao eGaming has decades of experience in end user & player care.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.


Tech & Financial Compliance

Curaçao eGaming offers specialists who help clients to identify and resolve complicated issues in the field of technical and financial gaming compliance. They assist in aligning the operational framework with the highest compliance standards.

AML Certification

Curaçao eGaming allocates the appropriate confidence levels to those who render critical services to operators. It has broad experience in identifying 'red flags'. By keeping partners trusted partners, we provide our sublicensees with a stabile environment to do business.


Crypto Compliance Solutions

Compared to conventional money, crypto assets have only been around for just a little while. Nevertheless, they have rapidly established themselves as a reliable method of payment within the gaming community and beyond. From a regulatory perspective, however, the journey has barely started.


Will authorities ever agree on a global legal definition of crypto assets? Why would it be important to find a consensus? Will crypto payments become the new standard for gaming? Do current regulations suffice? Is it essential for these purposes to introduce a new regulatory framework, specifically tailored to accommodate crypto compliance?

Curaçao eGaming specializes in Crypto Compliance. We are offering several exciting packages, properly validated under our sublicences. With this operators shall be able to handle all the additional compliance challenges, connected to using crypto assets in their operation.


Intermediary Services

With years of experience, Curaçao eGaming knows the industry and its partners. Curaçao eGaming therefore is in the ideal position to connect partners, setting up the business relationship as well as guiding it over time in order to keep it stable and complaint.


Critical Supply Certification

Critical supply certification is essential for AML-purposes. Due to the high complexity and time-bound constraints within the gaming industry, it is important that parties can relate to each other within a framework of high confidence. Curaçao eGaming  establishes objective criteria in order to allocate the appropriate confidence levels to critical suppliers within the gaming industry.



We provide a full range of custom dedicated servers, private cloud servers, GEO IP services, cloud storage, single unit rackspace or high capacity private racks and aggressive bandwidth rates from our worldwide private IP compliance services locations.


CSP Support 

A corporate services director that hosts 2,000 companies cannot seriously be expected to be truly involved, Curaçao eGaming has experience in coaching and guiding Corporate Service Professional, in order to maximize their efficiency, making sure that the relationship between the CSD and the principal shall retain its substance.


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