File a Complaint with CEG

CEG's Intermediate Complaint Handling

Operators that reside under sublicense with Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") are held to the strictest compliance standards. Any communications with End Users (players) should be handled by the Operator in a professional manner. Operators should properly handle any timely and fully motivated complaints within seven (7) Business Days after the Complaint has been filed. CEG can only intervene if it finds that the said communications has not been in line with set policies. This also means that CEG cannot intervene if you have not properly identified yourself to the Operator when filing your Complaint to the Operator. You can only file a Complaint with CEG about the Complaint handling by the Operator, if you have made a serious attempt to resolve your dispute with the Operator and it did not work out. If this applies to you, please file your Complaint below.

Read this important Checklist before you file any complaints with CEG

Before you file a complaint, please check the following policy rules and regulations

  • CEG can only handle complaints against CEG-licensed operators;
  • Complaints need to be filed within a reasonable period of time;
  • You need to properly identify yourself. Have valid credentials at the ready. CEG may request additional proof of identification, for example a declaration by a notary that your presented credentials are real;
  • If you are not the player and you are represented by someone, this person needs to properly identify himself;
  • You cannot buy or sell off alleged claims against operators from or to anyone;
  • You cannot complain with CEG if you have not properly complained with the Operator first;
  • Do not engage in any expensive contracts with attorneys who promise to represent you against a no cure no pay fee. If CEG finds that your complaint against the Operator is valid, you will be provided with free of charge legal assistance. Attorneys are obliged to point out to you that there is a free alternative;
  • Never accept any compensation and/or pay any fees in crypto currency such as however not limited to Bitcoin;
  • If you do not sufficiently understand English language, please let us know. Do not use an online translation service (such as Google Translate). CEG will try to address you in a language that you understand;
  • CEG reserves the right to only accept complaints through this portal. If you do not follow our policy rules, CEG will not be able to help you;
  • If you are abusing this portal in any way, such as representing yourself as a player while you are not, presenting a false complaint, threaten, commit fraud or otherwise coerce, CEG will make a criminal referral to the public prosecutor(s) in your jurisdiction;
  • This checklist is only a summary of all policy rules and regulations for CEG Intermediate Complaint Handling. By filing your complaint, you need to confirm that you have read these rules and regulations, you understand them and you agree to those policy rules and regulations.
  • Make sure that your browser is up to date. If it is not, you will not be able to file your complaint.