Curaçao eGaming releases policy on the use of Aliases


Any aliases ("Alternate Designations" or "AD's)  to network domains ("Brands") are allowed as long as they are minor deviations from those Brands. Major deviations however are not allowed, including adding elements or replacing elements that would or may lead to confusion with the general public on the brand it is dealing with. Subsequently deriving from CEG’ alias policy, deviations are at all times subject to approval of CEG.


The following deviations on the Brand are allowed as Aliases of that Brand and subsequently not allowed as separate Brands due to its close resemblance with the already registered Brand as it may result in confusion on which Brand one is dealing with:

Category 1,,,,,,,

The following deviations on the Brand are not allowed as aliases and therefore have to be registered as separate Brands:

Category 2,,,,

No Brand can be converted into Aliases. No Aliases may be used without a proper displayed CEG "Heartbeat" Seal on the website.

To browse to the full explanation of technical requirements, we recommend browsing through "Chapter A" within the CEG Academy section of this website.

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