Executive Director


The member of the board of directors of the IP-Operator, tasked with the proper execution of B2C Services to End Users in accordance with the Standards of Good Industry Practice, over-all guaranteeing quality of services, such as, however not limited to rendering of the IP-Operator's services to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities, making key software designs, implementing key strategy decisions, tracking dependencies and managing change requests.

Executive Director Requirements

The Executive Director is selected from within the circle of key individuals. He or she is in the center of the team that handles the data necessary for the Reporting on a daily basis, as the Non-Executive Director is not and as a result the latter is partially dependent from the information provided by the (non-resident) team. Pretending otherwise would not be in line with substance requirements. Although the Non-Executive Director and Executive Director are jointly responsible for adequate reporting, it shall be the Non-Executive Director that shall approve or deny the Report.