In this section, the rules and regulations regarding the use of the Grant, which is the right as granted by the Governor of Curaçao to develop the B2C Services as meant in article 1, section 1 of the Ordinance P.B. 1993, 63.

It is not allowed to operate under multiple Grants

The Operator cannot hold multiple Grants at the same time and is required to report the existence of another Grant, prior to the closing of the IP Agreement. Existing Grants within the Concern of the Operator need to be reported as well. The Operator declares to have reported the existence of any prior, active or non-active, arrangements for the Operation of Online Games of Chance with other aggregators in Curaçao, in relation to the Domains, Websites and Aliases. Failure to timely and fully report such existence shall constitute a Material Breach, as the Operator is not allowed to hold multiple Grants. The Operator that is Affiliated with a Concern that is already holding a Grant with another aggregator shall not be allowed to hold another Grant without prior permission of both of those aggregators.

CEG may publish information concerning the offering of games of chance in a public record

CEG may opt to, without any liability, add any information such as, however not limited to the identity of Key Individuals, regarding the existence of the said multiple Grants available to a Public Record.