Communicating with End Users


In this section, the rules and regulations regarding communication with players (“End Users”) are discussed.

General rule

Any communications with End Users should be handled by the Operator in a professional manner. CEG shall only intervene if it finds that the said communications have not been in line with set policies.

The Operator is responsible for any communication with End Users

The Operator is solely responsible for the handling of communication with the End User, including however not limited to complaints filed by or on behalf of the End Users. Complaints of End Users should be addressed properly, timely and in accordance with the Standard of Good Industry Practice, at the latest fourteen (14) Business Days after said Complaints have been filed.

Proper complaint procedures and terms of service

The Operator is obliged to have a procedure in place that allows for the proper escalation, reporting and registration in the handling of Complaints of End Users, including however not limited to directions available to the End User on how to file a Complaint. The said Procedure needs to be accessible by the End User via a link on the website. The Operator is furthermore required to include the said Procedure in its Terms of Service.