Website Display, Requirements and Prohibitions


In this section, the rules and regulations pertaining to the display of content on CEGs gaming websites are discussed.

General rule

The Operator is not allowed to offer any B2C Services to End Users via its Websites, if it is not in full compliance with the display requirements as referenced in this section.

Display of CEGs Heartbeat Seal is mandatory

Provided the Operator meets all necessary qualifications, CEG shall provide the Operator with the verification seal (hereinafter: the “Heartbeat Seal”) as proof to Third Parties that the Operator complies with the Standards of Responsible Gaming. No Websites are allowed without CEGs properly formatted Heartbeat Seal displayed. The Operator is required to display the Seal on the Websites according to the instructions of CEG. No images of the Heartbeat Seal may be copied and pasted on the Websites. The Heartbeat Seal needs to be fully visual on the Websites at all times. No methods whatsoever may be used to partially or even fully hide the Heartbeat Seal. Failure to properly display the Validation Seal shall at all times constitute a Material Breach.

Mandatory footer information

Mandatory footer information

(1) Terms of Service;

(2) Responsible Gaming;

(3) Self-Exclusion;

(4) Dispute Resolution;

(5) AML;

(6) Fairness & RNG Testing Methods;

(7) KYC Policies, Privacy & Management of Personal Data;

(8) Account, Payouts and Bonuses.

The Footer needs to include the full name of the Operator and its statutory address, as well as the contact address and email address designated to communication with End Users.

Special requirements for Terms of Service

The Footer needs to include a separate and individual link to the Terms of Service. The page on which the Terms of Service are displayed, should include a visual button displayed on the Website with the text: “Print”, that allows the End User to print the displayed Terms of Service.

It is prohibited to make any reference to third parties without a valid agreement

It is not allowed to display any references, such as however not limited to names, logos, icons, projects, seals, programs, Software, payment solutions and projects of Third Parties without a valid agreement between Third Parties and the Operator that allows the Operator to legally display the said information.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary as referenced in this section, CEG may at all times instruct the Operator to amend and or to include any information displayed on the Websites.

Special conditions in the event of dormancy

The Operator that has been granted Dormancy Status as referenced shall publish a preformatted notification and adjusted Seal on all of its Suspended Websites, as provided by CEG, clearly stating that its B2C Services have been temporarily suspended. None of the requirements as meant in this section shall however be suspended.