General Standards and Policies


In this section, the General Standards and Policies pertaining to CEG’s sublicensed gaming websites are discussed.

General Standards and Policies apply to all gaming websites

CEG publishes general standards of B2C Services that the Operator is allowed to provide to End Users. as well as the circumstances and allowed ecosystem under which the said services may be provided.

These general standards shall include a minimum of the following categories:
(i) a general overview of the main category types of Games of Chance allowed and prohibited as meant in article 13 of the Ordinance, such as, for example, Games of Chance that can be categorized as Blackjack or Roulette;
(ii) general policies on payment conditions;
(iii) general policies on wagers as meant in article 15 of the Ordinance;
(iv) minimum standards on the quality of software used as meant in article 11 of the Ordinance;
(v) general policies on transparency and fairness of the Games of Chance, offered as meant in article 17 of the Ordinance;
(vi) general policies on proper storage of information, backup and disaster recovery requirements;
(vii) general policies on how to communicate with the End User in the event of questions or problems, as meant in article 12 of the Ordinance.

CEG shall on a yearly basis make available a motivated public risk qualification (“PRQ”) which shall be:
(i) average,
(ii) high, or
(iii) very high,
of the B2C Services of the Operator, based on the type of services offered and compliance with the said policies.