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For Suppliers of Critical B2B Services

For AML and compliance purposes, Suppliers of Critical B2B Services may order a B2B Certificate. This type "C" certificate provides the said supplier proof of certification that a brand (domain) has been properly licensed by Curaçao eGaming.

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#FAQ-389204 | Created June 26th, 2021 - Last updated on June 26th, 2021

Who can order a B2B Certificate?

Critical Suppliers of Business to Business ("B2B") Services") to IP Operators that are sublicensed under Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") may order a Certificate Type "C" (B2B Certificate), certifying that a specific brand (or: "domain") has been properly licensed by CEG.

What does the B2B Certificate cost?

The IP Operator is charged € 35 per certification process. The charge is added to the monthly invoice of the IP Operator. The IP Operator will also be charged if the B2B Certificate is denied due to a breach of compliance (not properly showing the CEG "heartbeat" seal for example).

When will the B2B Certificate be delivered and to whom?

Depending on the license package type of the IP Operator, as well as the information provided, the said certificate is produced within several working days. The B2B Certificate will be sent to the Critical B2B Supplier, the management of the IP Operator receives a copy. The application will receive confirmation via email once the application has been successfully been submitted.

Requirements and Limitations

CEG verifies with the management of the IP Operator if the said order has been approved. 


The applicant needs to provide proof of the B2B relationship to CEG by uploading a copy of a valid agreement between parties.

CEG Legal Department will verify whether or not the agreement provided is valid. CEG Tech Department will verify whether or not the CEG "heartbeat" Verification Seal is properly displayed.

The B2B Certificate only certifies that a brand has been properly licensed at the time of review, on a specific date. It does not certify whether or not the brand is fully compliant with CEG Compliance Standards, only whether or not the brand is under license.

No B2B Certificate can be issued if the brand does not properly show the "heartbeat" CEG Verification Seal with a green stamp holding the actual (local Curaçao) time and date. Prior to submitting the application, the applicant is advised to verify whether or not this is the case as the IP Operator will still be charged if the application is denied due to a compliance issue. Critical B2B Suppliers should always verify if the a properly formatted Public Certificate "A" is produced after clicking the CEG Verification Seal on the brand page. Visiting, for example, a brand (domain) via an Alternate Designation ("AD" or "Alias") that has not been authorized by CEG, will produce the result "UNLICENSED".

What information does the B2B Certificate display?

The License Certificate "C" holds the name of the IP Operator that is operating the brand. Below the name of the IP Operator the Sublicense Designated Reference ("SDR") is displayed, formatted as follows: CM-1234ABCD-1668JAZ. Below the SDR, the brand name is displayed. Below the brand name the reference number of the local Curaçao Chamber of Commerce is displayed, followed by the name of the applicant as well as the review date. The B2B Certificate is signed by the CEO of CEG.

Where can I go if I have questions on this topic?

Use the button below to go to the contact page for generic questions.