What to look for?

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#Created May 15th, 2021 - Last updated on June 4th, 2021

How can I verify of a website is certified by Curaçao eGaming?

There are several elements that should be properly displayed on the website, to check authenticity:

- The main page of the website should display the familiar blue-yellow shield of Curaçao eGaming, it should be placed on the right hand side of the screen, within its footer area. The size of the shield should be approximately 0,75 cm in width and 1,00 cm in height, as is displayed on the top left of this page.

Clicking on the shield should display Certificate "A", showing information on the operator responsible for the website. The presented company has to be a "B.V." or "N.V.". Directly below the company name, the Sublicense Designated Reference ("SDR" ) is shown, always commencing with the letters: CM, followed by a dash and a combination of eight letters and/or numbers, followed by another dash, ending with: "1668JAZ". Below the SDR, the reference of the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce is listed. The reference may be verified online. Directly below, the date range is shown, during which time the certificate is valid. Below, a temporary ID-code is listed. This code changes with each change of the certificate. Below is the name and signature of the CEO of Curaçao eGaming: Mrs. A.M.E. Snel-Guttenberg. Last, a block of text with the title: "IMPORTANT LICENSE INFORMATION" is enclosed, containing important legal information on the sublicense. The certificate is watermarked with the seal of Curaçao eGaming, furthermore it includes one of the three golden logo's of Gaming CSA:

The said legal enclosure should display the following text: "- IMPORTANT LICENSE INFORMATION –

The trade name “Curaçao eGaming” or “CEG” is owned by Cyberluck Curaçao N.V. (“Cyberluck”), a public limited company, incorporated on March 15th, 1996 in Curaçao. Cyberluck is licensed by the Government of Curaçao since October 1st, 1996 under license reference 1668/JAZ to offer games of chance, including the right to under regulatory obligations grant the said offering to third party IP-operators, commonly known as “sublicensing”. Public License Certificate “A” is a bespoke, public certificate, listing the information of one single domain and its Alternate Designations (“AD’s”) for compliance purposes. It is valid for public display within the said domain and its AD’s only and cannot be used for any purposes of certification, other than to provide assurance to players (“End Users”) that the website is under compliance oversight by CEG. To safeguard that certified operations have remained legitimate, this certificate expires and needs to be renewed on a monthly basis. For Business-to-Business (“B2B”) certification purposes, an additional, private certificate is required. The certificate does not allow in any way the holder to authorize other parties to offer games of chance, commonly known as “white labeling”. Any abuse of the certificate shall lead to a criminal complaint by CEG, filed in all relevant jurisdictions. CEG under no circumstance grants licenses that have not been approved by the board of directors by the licensed IP-Operator. By law, only locally formed companies (B.V. or N.V.) may hold a (sub)license. No Curaçao entity may operate under a foreign license. Only CEG may grant authority to offer games of chance under its sublicense. CEG may at any time revoke sublicenses. The license information in this section needs to be accessible for any website visitors by adding a clearly visible link with title “IMPORTANT LICENSE INFORMATION” on the bottom of the main page as well as the sublicense designation reference, starting with “CM” and ending with “JAZ”, combined with a display of the blue-yellow CEG, linking to the certificate. The certificate needs to be the original digital file. A scanned hardcopy is not deemed valid. For fraud prevention purposes, no digital third party validation systems are allowed. For more information on the certification process and details on how to check for signs of authenticity or to report abuse, go to:"

Update June 3d, 2021

CEG can proudly announce that today it has launched its upgraded seal verification system, replacing the old decommissioned seal system with a new system to which several security features have been added, including a “heartbeat” time stamp for anti-fraud purposes. 

The certificate(s) that CEG is sending you, shall be integrated in the new seals. Please note that after the seal has been activated, the displayed license period shall - instead of one month, which was a temporary measure - show the full license period that is left until automatic renewal (a standard full period is one year).


At the same time, we are also launching a multi-lingual complaint service and aligned complaint standards. Players shall be able to directly send a formal complaint to the operators, at the same time informing CEG. With these steps we are ensuring that the security of the websites of your operators is returning to the high quality security standards that CEG is comfortable with.